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Word Builders connecting letter cubes develop a strong foundation for reading and spelling.

Word Builders early reading and spelling kit will help children to recognise letters of the alphabet, letter sounds, consonants and vowels, and the foundations of reading and spelling.

Each set contains interlocking cubes printed with lower case letters on one side and capitals on the reverse side. Cubes have been colour-coded: red represents vowels and blue represent consonants.

Our early phonics cards help to develop sound placement by focusing on initial and final consonant sounds as well as middle vowel sounds in 3-letter words (C-V-C words).

A parent guide includes 20 additional activities to develop fundamentals to reading and spelling for early learners to more advanced.

These cubes provide specific benefits to learners:
• Easy to connect and they stay connected.
• Reinforce left-to-right reading and word-building skills by connecting in only one direction.
• Colour-coded to provide quick visual cues for easy vowel-consonant identification.
• Allow early readers to construct consonant-vowel-consonant words while larger words can be formed for more advanced readers.
• Great for early phonemic awareness, exposure and practice at home.

Suitable from ages 5+.

Word Builders

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